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**White Rice vs Brown Rice** ????

After my post last week comparing sweet potatoes and white potatoes - I said I'd do a similar post on white rice vs brown rice.

Another food that's commonly misunderstood about its nutrition content and which is 'better'. ????


First of all I wouldn't class either of them as 'better' as such.

We can compare the small differences in them and argue about brown rice having more fibre, white rice being more processed, etc etc but at the end of the day - the differences aren't big enough to make me choose one over the other hands down!

???? Brown rice has a few grams more fire than rice as it still contains the bran.
???? Brown rice has a few extra calories than white rice. ???? Both have similar carbohydrate content. ???? Brown rice contains slightly more micronutrients.


???? The extra fibre in brown rice is minima when you think of the vegetables/fruit that we should be consuming alongside these foods throughout the day - it's easy to make up a few extra grams - have a pear, there's your 3g fibre made up ??
???? The extra calories in brown rice vs white rice isn't even worth arguing over ?
???? The GI of brown rice is 10-20% lower than white rice which means it doesn't cause the same spike in blood sugar - that is IF they were to be eaten on an empty stomach, on their own, cooking process the same etc., once you add foods eaten alongside rice, and not on an empty stomach, the GI has much less of an effect therefore it's nothing to worry about! white color prom selections with lace
???? The extra micronutrients brown rice has over White can simply be matched by adding meat to your meal such as beef or turkey, as well as some green veg which you're likely to do anyway! ????
???? Brown rice has a greater fibre and phytate content which could actually hinder the absorption of micronutrients SO really what it should come down to is taste preference! ????

Stop fearing foods just because you think one is better than the other - usually when it's a whole food like rice or potatoes, the difference isn't actually all that much! ??

White rice for the win every time ???? ????

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