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maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

How to love a broken hearted girl:

Be patient with her. There are times that she will push you away. It might appear that she doesn't want you, but deep inside she just wants to know if you'll stay. maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

Ready yourself with the times wherein it might be hard for her to trust you. She has been to a lot of heartaches. Just be honest with her!


Only a genuine and sincere guy can soften her heart. A guy who's intentions are pure. Someone who will love her imperfections!

Kiss her in the most unexpected times. She might act crazy and fragile. Do your best to win her trust in love.

Endless efforts and constant love will make her believe in love again. Show to her that you're different that you'll stick to her no matter what.

Never take advantage of her. If you are not brave enough, just back off. She no longer needs a fake love. She had enough.

Words by: Unspoken Thoughts

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