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DorrisWedding cocktail collections of lace

Rob was crushed by a cow 25 years ago when he was 15 and since then he's suffered pain in his neck, arms and shoulders which worsens whenever he works, which is every day as he's constantly doing manual work. He also had a lump on the right side of his neck since the injury. However, as he sat in our meeting on Sunday morning, pain left his shoulders and neck. After hands on prayer in Jesus' name the lump also left him. God also touched his emotions and he was so grateful! We've seen Jesus work countless miracles over weekend. Thanks to Ps Chris & Lisa Robson and their friendly team at Coffs Harbour Baptist Church and to Sue & Jan and the Coffs Coast Healing Rooms team for inviting us and hosting us and the many visitors so warmly. DorrisWedding cocktail collections of lace