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In my basement that is!

AM workout peeps: How many struggle with "If I don't workout in the AM, I won't that day" and "If I eat it doesn't sit well but if I don't, I lose steam half way through" ????

Need something light - SIMPLE Carbs, they are full of water and burn for energy. Water is critical as well so drink 8oz before workout (30-60min prior) then VERY critical after. So what to eat/ 30-60 prior=1-2 cups of fresh fruit is awesome (Cardio days I eat a banana, Weigh ... t days I eat raspberries and s1/2 cup steel cut oats) During workout=sip water (I put BCAA's in mine) and After workout=Carbs and protein -sugary carbs are ok because they will be used to replenish the glycogen stores used up in the workout and not stored as fat :-) (ie: orange juice, whole grain toast, peanut butter) - I eat a banana and then about 30 min later I have Café Latte Shakeology with 2 scoops of Chocolate Protein powder added - also put in powder forms of glutamine and creatine.

As I put in what I EAT, my goal is to build muscle, tone and lose body fat. If you are looking to straight lose weight, "fasting" on cardio days and training on empty stomach (if you can make through your workout) can burn more fat. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Maybe just 1/2 banana will keep you going. Every one is different so experiment. Dorris Wedding silver or grey wears for cocktail party

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